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The Phoenix periodically burns herself up and rises again from her own ashes. Hopefully most of us don’t need to burn up our whole lives when we need to reinvent ourselves (though some of us WILL need to do that), but we will all face the need to re-evaluate and pivot our direction plenty of times in the course of a long life. And at this moment in time, world-wide events are necessitating change we didn’t necessarily bank on or want. 

I stand for women activating their own power and manifesting their Soul Goals, especially during times when they are called to CHANGE. 

I speak to people all the time who have struggled with the SAME dilemmas much of their lives. It is incredibly frustrating to feel like you never make progress. But guess what? NOW is your time to break free and live into your own power and truth. 

As someone who has reinvented herself at junctures in her own life when transition was called for, I have also guided hundreds of women over the past twenty years on their reinvention journeys. 

  • I lead women who feel stuck in life’s SHOULDS through an inspiring 6-month breakthrough journey so they can hear their own voices and commit to their own story, goals, purpose, and freedom.
  • I teach my signature T.I.M.E. process to help women let “burn what needs to burn” and bring to life what wants to live and thrive.
  • I give clients my THREE Rising-Like-a-Phoenix Tools, which will keep you centered and focused on your reinvention commitment even when dark times come calling (as they do).  

To work with me one-on-one fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll contact you to set up a twenty-minute “Reinvention Consultation” to evaluate whether working together is the next right step for you.

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