Embrace Your Second Wind




Second Wind

by Cami Ostman

Second Wind is the story of an unlikely athlete and an unlikely heroine: Cami Ostman, a woman edging toward midlife who decides to take on a challenge that stretches her way outside of her comfort zone. That challenge presents itself when an old friend suggests she go for a run to distract her from the grief of her recent divorce. Excited by the clarity of mind and breathing space running offers her, she keeps it up — albeit slowly — and she decides to run seven marathons on seven continents; this becomes Ostman’s vision quest, the thing she turns to during the ups and downs of a new romance and during the hard months and years of redefining herself in the aftermath of the religious-based marriage and life she led up until her divorce. Insightful and uplifting, Second Wind carries the reader along for the ride as Ostman runs her way out of compliance with the patriarchal rules about “being a woman” that long held her captive and into authenticity and self-love. Her adventures — and the personal revelations that accompany them — inspire readers to take chances, find truth in their lives, and learn to listen to the voice inside them that’s been there all along.

Beyond Belief

edited by Cami Ostman and Susan Tive

Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religion chronicles the lives of women from a variety of restrictive religious backgrounds who chose a religious path only to eventually reject it in whole or in part.

Beyond Belief asks the questions:

Why, in a time when women have more freedom than ever before, would a modern woman chose to follow a religious tradition that distances her from those freedoms and takes away the choices so coveted by societal norms?

How and why do women agree to join rigid religious groups, what happens once they do, and what does it take to leave?

The anthology is divided into three themes:

  • Stories of getting IN
  • Stories of staying IN
  • Stories LEAVING

The book explores, through story, the questions of how and why women choose to get involved in rigid religion, what keeps them invested, and then how and why they leave (and what they miss—or don’t—once they’re gone).

Readers will meet former Unification Church members, Mormons, Evangelicals, nuns, and others who’ve walked the path of submission. Contributors will address topics such as food, modesty, religious meetings, holidays, work, children, clothing, secrets, converting others, prayer, marriage, and sex and how each of these was governed by theology and religious tradition.

Faith and religion are remarkably difficult to talk about, but the act of sharing our stories with each other brings us out of isolation. This dialogue is not only healing for its participants but also relevant to the larger conversation in our polarized political and religious climate. 

26.2 Life Lessons
Helping You Keep Pace with the Marathon of Life

by Cami Ostman and Carol Frazey

Some of my most inspirational writings are now compiled along with a full 26-week training program created by my trainer and friend Carol Frazey. This magazine sized book will encourage you, push you, challenge you, and get you ready for a marathon in six months. Carol and I have been hard at work on this during 2012, getting it ready for our clients and friends and we’re more excited than we express to tell you it’s READY!!

True Stories
The Narrative Project, Volume 1

edited by Cami Ostman and Rebecca Mabangalo-Mayor

What does a writer need in order to write a book? What does it take to turn yourself into an author? The writers in this volume came to The Narrative Project with stories burning to be told. And here are their stories! We at The Narrative Project are committed to helping identify what really wants to be written, and then providing everything needed for our writers to write–and publish–their books.


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