This week I had to fit training in around our trip to Arizona to visit Bill’s mom. We had a great week soaking in some “D,” watching the Mariners in a Spring Training game, and visiting friends and family.

Here’s the quick rundown of my training this week. It’s not impressive, but I trust I didn’t lose any ground at least.

Sunday: Rested after Saturday’s half marathon.

Monday: We were traveling, so I sat scrunched up in an airplane seat wishing I could take a run.

Tuesday: 5 miles. 25 minutes of the time I spent running I did my speed work: Alternating one minute of running hard and one minute of recovery.

Wednesday: 3-mile trail run in the Thunderbird Regional Park.

Thursday: A six mile pace run at my 10K pace. I’m still trying to beat one hour for 6.2 miles, so Bill paced me as we ran along a paved trail out of Rio Vista Park in Peoria, AZ (in perfect weather–75 degrees and sunny–I might add). Again, I was close to reaching my goal. I did 6.2 in 1:01. Just goes to show that I need more training. And admittedly this was a low mileage week.

Friday: Driving. Then a two-mile walk between casinos.

Saturday: Flying. No running.

I plan to get a long run in tomorrow, Sunday, before I head off to my writing retreat on Monday and (probably) another week of fitting in the bare minimum before getting back to some more serious training. It’s a good thing I’ve given myself a year to shave an hour off of my average marathon time!

How was your week in training? I hope you had sunshine, but even if you didn’t, I hope you got out and did it!


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