We were out the door by 8:30 this morning to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. Did you know that if you’re 62 years old (or older), you can buy a LIFETIME pass to ALL our national parks for only $10?  We didn’t know this either. Guess who turned 62 this year? ‘Twasn’t me, but i can tell you that we snapped up that deal!

Here are some highlights from our trip through the park today.

1. The Rocky Mountain Ride was taking place this week. 2800 bicyclists made their way through the park just as we did.  Very inspiring to watch these athletes climb the highest road in the country (and then fly back down)!

2. Did you know that the “Trail Ridge Road” climbs over 12,000 feet? That’s a couple thousand feet higher than Mt. Baker (and just about as high as Mt. Fuji in Japan).

3. You know I love animals! Today we saw elk, a moose, some baby coyotes, and some mountain sheep (not pictured).


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