Thank you to whoever arranged for Western Washington to see the sunshine this week!

Cami ReadingI’ve been in the midst of launching my new book and, therefore, driving up and down the I-5 corridor this week. This meant I wasn’t able to make it to Carol’s workouts and had to wiggle my training in around readings in Portland and Seattle. Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed the sunshine.


Sunday: A shorty (4 miles down to Starbucks to meet Bill who drove me back up the hill). This felt nice and easy after putting in my 11 miles the day before out in Ferndale at Hovander Park.

Monday: No running.

Tuesday: Speed work. 26 minutes of one minute hard, one minute slow.

Wednesday: A slow trip around Greenlake in Seattle.

Thursday: Pace work. I’m still trying to do three two-mile repeats (with one minute resting in between each) at my 10K pace. I improved from last week in that at least the first three miles were at a 9:30 pace. The fourth mile was 9:40; then the fifth was 9:46. And I bagged out on the sixth mile just as I did last week. I’ll shoot for success again next week. Don’t give up on me!

Friday: No running.

Saturday: Haggen to Haggen 5K. (I’ll get a longer run in on Sunday–probably about 9 miles since the Kirkland 1/2 Marathon is on the following weekend.)

And here’s my question for the week: This is for anyone who uses the Galloway method or who incorporates walk breaks into their races. Bill and I have been discussing how to keep track of your pace if, for example, you were to try and keep a 10-minute pace for a half marathon while running nine minutes and walking one. Do you just train that way and get to know the feel of your pace? Or do you stop your Garmin every nine minutes to make sure your running portion is, say, 9:30? I would love to hear from anyone who’s done a half or full marathon run/walking.

Cheers, all. Enjoy your weekend–wherever you are.



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