I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that if you’re reading this site, your New Year’s Resolutions have something to do with running or fitness, or maybe travel.  In my writing, I tend to focus on the spiritual, psychological and even cultural insights I get from running, but that isn’t because I don’t get amazing physical benefits.  I mean, I’m stronger and more fit than I’ve ever been in my life because of these last few years of marathoning around the globe. Still, I feel like there’s a lot I could do to move in a healthier direction. I’m sort of notorious for eating comfort food (think a big plate of steak fries with mayo and ketchup) for dinner, and cheese (of all kinds – even processed) is like a staple in my diet instead of a condiment as it is for most people. And while I know I’ll never eat perfectly or exercise perfectly (or sleep, or drink or communicate perfectly), there’s always room for improvement, right? But how?

My friend and fellow runner has some help for me and for families who want to make a commitment to improve their fitness and nutrition this year. Author, teacher and health professional Carol Frazey has a one-year plan for us. In her e-new book, The Fit School Plan – 1 Year to a Nutritionally and Physically Fit Life, she’ll guide you and me and our families toward better health. With one achievableand reasonable goal for each of 52 weeks, she helps us change and improve our habits. Some of these benchmarks may already be habits for you and your family. Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work. If they aren’t regular aspects of your life, give them a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but shame, low energy and high cholesterol.

What do you say? Will you join me in making improvements to our health this year? You don’t have to run a MARATHON to get healthier, for goodness sake (though, I certainly wouldn’t discourage you if want to train for one this year!!!). You just have to find a reasonable plan that works for you and give it a go.

So check out Carol’s book – a terrific, affordable and reliable resource! And let me know what your resolutions are this year. I’d like to follow along and be your cheer leader!

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