If anyone has reason to be thankful, it is I. It’s true that now is my least favorite year (barren trees, freezing temperatures and snow as I write!), and it’s true that I’ve exchanged time on my beloved Bellingham trails for the stationary bike and water running while I let my foot heal, BUT still… what a life I have. I live in a great community with a loving man and two flat nosed little dogs who think I’m the cat’s meow.

I have the most stellar set of friends any woman has ever had. And this year, I not only finished my quest to hit the ground running on every continent, but I lived out a dream to complete and publish a book!

So even as I lament having to exercise my body inside of buildings instead of outside in the elements (as unaccommodating as they have been this week), I have to put my thankfulness firmly out into the universe. Here is a list of what I’m thankful for today – from the basic to the minute:

  • A warm home, enough food and a clean bed – not everyone has this, you know
  • The luck to live in a country where I, as a woman, have rights and many, many choices in my life – not everyone has this, either
  • Every person who has cheered me in a race, shown up at a reading or commented on my blog –  I needed you and you were there – thank you
  • Every glass of good red wine I have ever tasted, but especially those made in Washington State
  • Sports bras
  • Hair coloring
  • Arizona in the winter
  • Books – and publishers (especially Seal Press!)
  • Cheese
  • A healthy body, my current struggle notwithstanding
  • My partner, Bill, who daily lives up to his promise to stay in the fray with me, even when it is less than pleasant.

What does your list look like? Have a great weekend as you think about it.

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