The women runners in my town are a rockin’ lot of babes.

For the past many years I’ve received an email a week or so before Thanksgiving inviting me to join them for the “Annual Thanksgiving Trail Run” up on the Galbraith trails, but I’ve never been brave enough to show up. As proud as I am to be a runner and to count among my friends the awesome women in Bellingham, I’ve always assumed that I would be a dragging caboose in a long line of fleet-footed trail runners up on Galbraith Mountain. I figured I would slow everyone down and embarrass myself. Still, every November when I see the pictures on Facebook of my women friends and their dogs getting ready for their one-to-two-hour run before they go home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner, I regret that I didn’t join them.

This year, I decided to put my Inner Critic on the back shelf and to show up.

I AM SO GLAD I DID! You can’t really imagine how it feels to be in the company of 30 women and 6 dogs flying up and down single track dirt trails with their (pig) tails flying freely behind them unless you give it a try. Thank you, Bellingham women! You inspire me and make me happy to be one of you.

Thanksgiving Run

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