Well, that 18 miler in AZ really kicked my butt. As the week went on, I could see that I’d done a little damage to my right ankle. I don’t think I sprained it, but it was bruised and very tender. And my left foot was inflamed with plantar fasciitis symptoms. Not wanting to ruin my body and make all of the training I’ve done this year moot, I decide the wisest thing for me to do was to rest.

Resting, as you may know, is hard for runners to do (I plan to write a Psychology Today post on this, so stay tuned for that). There’s an inner imperative that drives us to run, to want to be tough, to push through limitations. But it’s important to slow down sometimes. I want to be running when I’m 90, so I need to keep everything healthy.

The first week after the AZ trail run I basically iced my feet and ankles and took a few slow walks. The soreness lasted until Friday. Then this week I’ve started running again, but just 3 and 4 milers on soft ground, going super easy. Starting next week I’ll pick up my training again.

The plantar fasciitis isn’t terrible, thanks to the Rubz ball, the Stick, icing, arnica, and my Choco sandals.

There are only about 13 weeks left before the Austin Marathon. I want to show up healthy and proud of the training I’ve put in. We have several women coming along for this girls’ adventure, so I not only want to be healthy for the race but healthy for the after party too!!!


PS: I’m ALWAYS grateful for tips on dealing with plantar fasciitis. Looks like it may be a bit of a recurring problem for me, so if you have a secret remedy or an exercise that’s worked for you, please share.

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