Well, by 7:00 am on Saturday, March 7, we’ll be off for continent number FIVE!  The turn around between Asia and Africa has been chaotic and exhausting.  Not only did we have to solidify our agenda for our next trip, we also had to keep up with our running and fight off the threat of Strep Throat (Bill’s daughter, Jessie, was sick for several days before she discovered what was wrong and started her anti-biotics).   


Thankfully, we’re Strep free and Jessie is fine, too.  Tonight we’re packing and doing last minute errands.  It occurred to me today while I took one final slow run that I am truly grateful for this opportunity and for everyone who has pitched in to make it happen.  I hope all of you know how much I appreciate your support and love.  From my grandparents, who take care of our pups while we’re gone, to friends (Jack, Steph, Christine) who have shuttled us to or from the airport, this dream is really taking a village to bring about.  Literally hundreds of people have wished us well and asked for updates (friends at Starbucks, my writing group, Bill’s colleagues, our riends and families, random strangers who saw the article about us in the Bellingham Herald).


So here we go again.  The race takes place on Saturday, March 14 in South Africa’s West Coast National Park.  We’ll have one week before the race and one week after to explore Cape Town and the surrounding areas.  Stay tuned for a race report and for a full description of our exploration of South Africa. 


And thank you for all you’ve done to support us!  We appreciate you.




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