Bill and I decided to stay in Park City for an extra day, so enamoured were we of this place. Today we visited three very cool sites.

1. Olympic Park. We took a tour for $7 a  piece which gave us the inside scoop on Olympic winter sports. Did you know that skiers practice in the summer by jumping into a pool of water? Or that the Park City bobsled course is the third fastest in the world?

See the skier in the upper right corner?



Cami on the luge

Ski jump looking down


Ski jump looking up



2. The Park Silly Sunday Market. This open air market is full of hippy energy and paraphernalia. If you need a tie dyed shirt or a pair of feather earrings, this is the place to get them. Bill and I spent a couple of hours poking around the booths and culminated our visit with some heavenly tacos and burritos sold by one of the street vendors.

3. The Town Lift. For $11 each, we took a half hour ride in a ski lift from the center of town to the top of the mountain. On the way up, we could see much of the marathon course we ran yesterday and the numerous resorts and lodges in the area.

Park City from the Town Lift

As we pack up and get ready to move on to the next leg of our journey, we’ve already promised ourselves to get back here for an extended stay some summer in the near future.

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