Well, I’ve recovered from my low energy. Today I got out for a short, slow run—just what I needed. This afternoon I caught up on my blog readin’. I have a few blogs I frequent because they encourage, inspire, entertain, challenge or teach me. I love writing my own blog, frankly, but I also love following a few fabulous writers who have some really valuable things to say. Here are my faves:

  • http://nerkasalmon.wordpress.com/ – My pal, Tele, calls her blog Hooked: One Woman at Sea Trolling for Truth. Her language is a delight, and her experience is extraordinary. “I had never seen water like that, a surrounding blue so expansive that it swallowed even the memory of land,” she writes in her latest post of her first experience at sea. Nowadays, she is a commercial fishermen during the summer season, blogging whenever she gets a moment. She’s smart, funny, and introspective. Check out her blog. I especially like her post on the “Too Close Encounters” with a whale. I watched it over and over.
  • A Bold Pace – Running for Our Lives. This is a full-service website run by a couple of women who offer products and encouragement. I like them because they are runners who support other women runners to be their best. Check ’em out!
  • Mike McQuaide’s Blog. Mike is a local guy (for me) who writes about whatever suits his fancy (related to outdoor adventure). I like his blog because he has passion for his topics and he posts tons of amazing pictures. He’s a great example of someone who follows his passions.
  • Runner Woman is my new favorite blog. The author, Kari, is quick and bright. She pulls her posts together with a terrific narrative arc (and I’m not just saying this because she quotes me at the top of her blog). Kari contacted me as a reader, but it turns out she’s a good writer in her own right and I’m already hooked.

What are your favorite blogs. Would love to know.

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