hot-sunI am absolutely in heaven during weeks like this one when every day is over 75 and we can see the stars at night. Each winter is hard for me because of the short dark days we have. I work to ward off depression between October and June. And then the sun comes out and the days grow long and… three months of happiness!

I’ve been especially happy this week because I got a little extra time with Bill and a little extra time outside running.

Sunday I took the day off and walked instead of ran.

Monday I warmed up by walking/jogging from my house to the Squalicum High School track (where I did my speed work—one minute hard and one minute recovery—for 26 minutes) before jogging/walking home for a total of 4 miles. The high school football team was there working out on the field in the center of the track. It was nice to have the company, but I swear those sweet boys have no awareness of anything other than what’s going on in their heads at any given moment. Several times I had to clap my hands and say, “Runner coming,” to get them to notice I was about to run them over.¬† I think I’ve got their schedule figured out now and will try not to overlap with them in the future. It is their track after all.

Tuesday I did 3 slow miles with Julie. I’ve missed running with her since she had her surgery last summer, and I’m glad she’s getting back in the swing of things.

Wednesday was easy, too. Fuji and I ran my favorite 4-mile loop with a stop at the pond in Whatcom Falls Park so she could soak her paws and get a drink.

Thursday Bill and I ran the Sedro Woolley July 4th Foot Race. It’s a 5.17 mile run partially along their parade route. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I did my student teaching at Sedro Woolley High School more than 20 years ago. It was fun to be back on my old stomping grounds. But the coolest thing about the race was that I averaged 9:24 per mile, finishing in 48:3!!! That’s a PR for sure. YAY!!! I’M GETTING STRONGER!!!!

Friday Fu and I took a 2-mile walk.

Today, Saturday, I took my last training run before next week’s See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle. Most of the 9 miles I ran at my target pace, which is 10:00/mile. I think I’m starting to feel normal at that pace, though I still love to glide at 11:30 on my easy days.

Wish me luck friends. This will be my THIRD try at beating 2:15 in the half marathon distance. If I make it, let’s throw a blog party! If I don’t, we’re back to the track (well, we’re back to the track either way).

By the way, is anyone else going to the See Jane Run race? I’d love to say hey if you are. Cheers.


Oh, one more thing:

My pal and coach, Carol Frazey, is launching her 6-month marathon or half-marathon challenge program. It’s a good program for a good price for anyone who wants extra support in their running. If you have friends who’ve said, “Running a marathon is on my bucket list,” this will be a great program for them. Check out the details here.

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