Yesterday we put on our first Wind Horse Half-Marathon and Half Marathon Run for Education. I was excited and terrified as I awoke early to set up for the race to steady rain. Any run in Bellingham is likely to be punctuated by rain, but we usually think of mid-July as a fairly safe time to plan for clear skies.

                Nonetheless, over 50 runners showed up to participate and we had an amazing time in the warm downpour and the mud. Many of those who participated were members of the local running community who deserve a special shout out for supporting us. Thank you all for joining in! Others traveled to Bellingham from out of town (like my long-standing, dear friend Charlie – it was awesome to see him and I only wish we’d had more time together) and we appreciate your effort in getting here and your participation, as well.

My buddy, Charlie is in the black shirt. Keep up the good work, Chuck!

A few moments stand out for me. Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Rachel coming over the finish line, 8 months pregnant, carrying Bryan’s bib number!
  • Bolor presenting the traditional, ceremonial scarf to runners at the finish line.
  • Logan (number 51, age 12) and Charlie (number 50, age 12) receiving their relay race medals. Great job, you two.

    Charlie and Logan, runners and champions!


  • And the crazy, awesome help from Bellingham’s Team in Training group and numerous other individuals who volunteered to take care of our runners.

I was not alone in the planning of this event. Our directorial group (Andrea, Bolor and myself and our supportive partners/pals Janna, Eric and Bill) are already looking forward to next year!!

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