Gloria is an online friend of mine who read my book and wrote me to say she felt encouraged by it. But Gloria, herself, is inspirational. Below is her first entry taken from an online journal she keeps with
This is my first entry…I am so excited. My name is Gloria and I have struggled with my weight all my life. That’s 46 years!!! I have decided to write down my experiences concerning my weight loss. After getting married, I slowly gained weight and topped out at 337. Yes, I am finally able to say it. I was miserable and didn’t even know it.
Two years ago, I started to make small changes that have resulted by this point in a 44 lb weight loss. [It started in] 2010, when I realized I had about 65 days ’til I turned 45. I decided I could continue on my current path of hanging out with younger friends from work and getting drunk, or I could make some changes for the positive. I decided that I would do something to positive for MYSELF, so I signed up for a 5k.
Now I am not a runner, and am best known as a couch potato, but I got off the couch, put on my tennis shoes and went for a walk. I was in no way ready to push myself, so I found a very flat area to walk. After a few days of walking, I felt better. I realized that when I set my mind to something, I could make it happen.
That first 5k was to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, 2010. As I prepared for the 5k, I would gowalking by myself. I found I enjoy the time alone. I started to notice the wildlife and take in nature. I put some songs on my phone that had a beat so as to distract me from the fact that it was a long way to the turn around point. I started to look forward to the 5k.
The morning of the walk, my 15 year old son said he wanted to go with me. I was initially upset because this was something I was planning to do for myself and by myself. But how could I say no? He and I went. He walked with his friend and I walked with one of his former teachers.
The day of the walk, the weather was cloudy and misting. I will say, I am a fair weather walker. I needed to sun to help me want to do this walk, but I did it anyway. My son and I did finish the race, I think we were at the end but that didn’t matter. We did it! And I have the shirt to prove it.

Gloria continues to walk 5ks and is currently training for a 10k, which she plans to complete sometime this summer. She also reports that she’s crossed the 50 pound weight loss mark! Great job, Gloria. Keep up the good work. And thanks for sharing your story.

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