I just want to post a quick note to let you know that Bill and I are totally okay here in Boston. We were very near the explosions. Bill had finished the race and was in the recovery area (maybe 300 yards from the bombs). I was with the father of our friend Lindsay heading toward the family meeting area. The explosions were confusing because they sounded like they could have been celebratory blasts of some kind–although it was difficult to imagine why they would have been happening at that point in time. It was only after we got a little closer that we realized the area was in chaos.

We tried to quickly get out of the downtown area, but the green lines on the subway (the ones we needed) were shut down, so we just took whichever line was available and found ourselves in the Italian district where we sat and had a drink and watched the news. Later, we made our way to our friends’ hotel in the north end of Boston and stayed there until things calmed down and our friend could drive us back to our car which was outside of the city.

Right now, we’re at our hotel and everyone we know is accounted for and doing well. Our hearts go out to Boston, to those who’ve been injured, and to the families of those lost. Thank you to all who have contacted me on twitter and facebook or by text or email. I so value you as part of my community and appreciate your love and concern.


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