This year as with last year, I approach race morning with trepidation? And I’m not even running tomorrow!

It’s a far scarier thing to be a race director than to stand at a literal starting line. The responsibility to keep runners safe and to give them a good time is a big job. But it’s one I’m excited to be doing because of how important this race is. The Windhorse Half Marathon raises funds to send children in Tsetserleg, Mongolia to school. Tsetserleg is the newest sister city of Bellingham, the town I live in.

In Mongolia, public education is free, but uniforms and school supplies are not. And especially now, with mass cultural and economic changes happening in Mongolia due to widespread mining of the country’s extensive natural resources, education will be crucial if Mongolians are to keep up with new job opportunities.

Last year we raised enough money to send a number of children off to school with everything they needed for success. This year, on the day before the race, we’ve already exceeded last year’s gains.

So wish me (and my co-directors, Bolor and Andrea) luck as we spend the day assigning race numbers, slicing oranges, and generally rushing around to make sure we’ve got all of our bases covered (not to mix metaphors).

And come out tomorrow to run, volunteer, or cheer for runners!


To find out how to make a donation to the Blue Sky Education Project, click here.

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