Windhorse twitterheadIn addition to my training for races, I’m also getting ready to direct a half marathon in July. Have I mentioned this lately? This will be my third year as co-director (along with Bolor Smith and Andrea Gabriel) of the Wind Horse Half Marathon. We started this race, which follows along the Interurban Trail in Bellingham between Fairhaven Park and Clayton Beach, right after Tsetserleg, Mongolia became Bellingham’s seventh official Sister City.

Bolor, who is from the area of Tsetserleg, and Andrea, who traveled there a few years earlier, started a foundation called The Blue Sky Education Project to raise funds to buy supplies and uniforms for children in Tsetserleg so that they could attend school. One evening when Bolor and I were having dinner together, we had the sudden idea to put on a race to raise funds for Blue Sky and threw the first race together that first year in a matter of months. And we raised enough money to send 40 children to school!

The second year was just as successful, and this year, we hope to repeat the whole thing once again.

Join us if you can! It’s a low-key, low-cost race with a barbeque afterwards. If you can’t run, why not volunteer? We still need a handful of people to make the whole thing go off without a hitch.


So, as for my training this week:

Sunday: 10K PR. See previous post!!

Monday: Took it easy. Walked a couple of miles.

Tuesday: Pace work to start getting ready for the half marathon I’ll be running in July. I did a warm up and then 5 one-mile repeats at a 9:50 pace with a minute in between each to recover and reset my watch.

Wednesday: Three slow miles.

Thursday: Pace work. One-mile warm-up followed by 4 miles at my half marathon pace, followed by one mile of jogging.

Friday: Day off.

Saturday: Trail running on Galbraith Mountain.

Thanks to everyone who “liked” my post on Facebook or otherwise congratulated me for meeting my 10K goal! I was pretty excited to feel like I’m getting better! To read more thoughts on getting better, take a look at my latest Psychology Today post.

Cheers everyone!

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