Well, this stupid cold is getting better. I’m still snotty, but my energy is coming back and the aches and pains are gone. Yay!

canadian-flagI forgot to mention last week that I’m giving my 10K goal (shooting for under 60 minutes!) another go this weekend. Sunday (June 9) I’ll be running the Sandcastle City Classic 10K Road Race in White Rock, BC. I’m excited about this. Although these last two weeks have been tainted by my cold, I’ve kept up the minimum training and I’m feeling positive.

Coach Carol and husband Bill are in agreement that I shouldn’t wear my Garmin OR my watch for this race. They both think that my watching my pace psyches me out, stresses me, and actually slows me down. Even though I suspect they might be right, at first I wouldn’t agree to leaving my Garmin behind because I still don’t really know the feel of my new paces yet, and I am afraid that I won’t know when to push harder (a 9:30 and a 9:40 both feel hard to me, so how will I know if I’ve slowed down?). But last week I made the decision to agree to leave my wrist naked during this upcoming run. I came back to something that’s anchored me since I started running: This is all about health, growth, and fun.

If I don’t make my one hour goal, there will be another chance. And another one after that. But if I’m stressed out while I’m trying to beat an hour, I lose that hour of my life to anxiety. Bill and Carol are right to urge me to listen to my body and try to get to know it without an outside measuring stick. We could all use a reminder now and again to do our best without judging our progress every step along the way, couldn’t we?

So here was my training this week, friends.

As I said, it’s been minimal as I’ve been blowing my nose and hacking up yuck (not to mention menstruating—when it rains it pours, sigh…):

Sunday: A slow walk. Still sick, but getting better.

Monday: Speed work. Carol had us doing “ins and outs” for 25 minutes after warming up.

Tuesday: A fast 3-mile walk with a friend.

Wednesday: Pace work. After warming up, we did 10 minutes at our 10K pace, recovered for 5 minutes, and then did another 10 minutes at the 10K pace.

Thursday: 4-miles. Great run in the sunshine.

Friday: 3-miles.

Saturday: Trail running with the Beginning Trail Running group I’m co-leading with Carol, and this week we’re running the Stimson Reserve trail. We’ll do two loops and it should be between 6 and 8 miles.

Stay tuned for a race report on Sunday or Monday.

What are you running this weekend? If you’re going to be at the 10K in White Rock, look for me and come say hey!

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