Well, my running partner, Julie, and I flew to Las Vegas on Wednesday evening and settled into the Luxor without a hitch. Today we walked “the strip” and plugged the occasional slot machine with a dollar (or five).

Vegas is kind of a special place to me, even as it fills my introvert’s heart with over-stimulated exhaustion and makes me long for a good book and hot chocolate by a fire. I’ve been coming to Vegas in December for years. I used to come with my ex-husband to see his sister (who lived here) during the holidays. Then in recent years, Bill and I have flown in to Las Vegas, rented a car and driven to Phoenix many times over the last decade. It’s always festive and full of energy and, most of all, hopeful.

But this is the first time I’ve been in Sin City for a marathon. Today as I walked down the strip, I was thinking about how it will feel to run along the boulevard on Sunday. The race starts right here – with all the lights and noise and chaos. And since this is a Rock n Roll Marathon, there will be music and entertainment along the way – at almost every mile.

Needless to say, I’m excited. I’ve still got some pain in my heel (which is discouraging), but I’m prepared to put mind over matter. The course is only open for five and a half hours, which means Julie and I have to run a smart race this time.

I”m number 22435. Watch for my results Sunday afternoon.

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