So, I’m at the tail end of co-editing a book that will be coming out in April. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know our authors and supporting them in the telling of their stories. And here near the end of the project, I’m having that feeling you get in the last six miles of a marathon: tired and dragging but gone too far to turn back now–and too proud of your accomplishment to consider it! By the end of September, I’ll be at mile 26: ready to be done, but knowing the finish line is right around the corner and ready to receive a medal and a bottle of water for my efforts.

One thing I’ve missed is the time to update my blog regularly. There’s so much to comment on, tell, wonder about… but so little time. So here are some bullet points of random items of interest I would have blogged about if I’d had more time in the past two weeks (in no particular order, as you’ll note).

  • Girls on the Run in Bellingham (probably everywhere) needs coaches. If you’re a woman who can offer girls encouragement to be themselves while leading them as they become runners at their own paces, contact Jen Gallant (
  • I’m heading down to the Baker Lake 50K on October 6. I’m sort of freaked out about it because I was the dead last finisher in my last 50K, but I’m excited too! And I could use a ride, btw, if anyone is willing to tote me down there. Don’t worry, Bill will pick me up, so you won’t have to wait for me to finish before you can go home.
  • My e-friend, Rose Coats, will be staying with me the night before the Bellingham Bay Marathon. I’m excited to meet her in person because she’s a real inspiration. She’s lost over 100 pounds and now encourages others to be committed to their own health and well-being. You should check out her blog.
  • The writing club I co-founded (Red Wheelbarrow Writers)–and friends–will be writing a round robin novel during NaNoWriMo in November. We still have days available if you’re interested in joining us. Laura Kalpakian will start us off and then one person is assigned to write a chapter (at least 1,666 words) each day in November. Send me an email if you’re interested in joining in! It’s just for fun.
  • I’ve started offering life-coaching (in addition to therapy, which I also still offer). This is a new career direction for me that allows me to support people as they focus on their goals and future direction. If you’re interested in knowing more, send me your email and I’ll give you details.

OK, we’re caught up. More soon.

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