In the past several weeks, I’ve been running an online course called Catching Your Own Second Wind. Two participants joined me for the inauguration of this behind-the-scenes life-changing material. “Catching,” as I call it, is an explanation of the journey I went through to transform my life and reflects exercises and practices I’ve used with clients over the years to help them listen to their best inner voices and change relationship with the self-sabotaging voices the hear in (or even outside of) their heads.

The two amazing women who joined me for the course were Marilyn (from Pennsylvania) and Juanita (from Oregon). Both women had read Second Wind and were willing to take a risk and go deeper with me in the journey to really commit to living according to the requirements of their best Inner Wisdom. It was my privilege to hear their discoveries and goals as we met by phone to talk over their responses to the materials I sent them.

On our last call, Marilyn and Juanita talked about their mutual goal to run a marathon in 2012. For Marilyn, the Pittsburgh Marathon has a special significance; she knew that was the one she would shoot for. Juanita agreed to (virtually) train with her and to try and fly out to join her for the race. The date for the Pittsburgh¬†marathon is May 6, which happens to be my 45th birthday, and I’m thinking that a trip to Pittsburgh sounds like a perfect birthday gift to myself, so I’m intending on joining my two sister sojourners in Pittsburgh this coming Spring.

I’ve invited Marilyn and Juanita to send me updates on their training, which I’ll post here on my blog. Does anyone else have a goal of running their first marathon in 2012? We’d love to include you as a virtual training partner with us. Send me some information about yourself, the marathon you’re shooting for and a little bit about your training plan (to I’ll post your goals as well and we can cheer each other on this coming year.

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