A whirlwind. A dither. A whoosh! That’s been my last week. I’m in the last stages of editing my new book (an anthology called Beyond Belief which will be out in April). Meanwhile… Bill and I have been planning a trip to Wyoming to run a marathon.

I’m never as organized as I think I should be. Always in the throes of numerous projects, I seldom feel like my life is “under control.” In fact, in planning for this latest marathon, I haven’t even gotten in my 18-mile run (18 is my minimum run before I taper for a race–it’s more about my brain than my body at this point, I think. But still….).¬† Yesterday, I decided I absolutely had to get out for at least 16 miles and while I was running back and forth on the Northshore trail, I had a little epiphany I’ve had before (but I always forget). Living is about the now.

Right now I’m writing a blog post. And when I’m done, in the next now, I’ll be getting ready for bed. Always there is a list of things to do after this now is over, but you can’t get to them until you’ve done the now that is at hand.

So yesterday, even though I had a TO DO list a mile long, I tried to stay in the moment for each of my sixteen miles. It was wonderful. I petted the dogs that sauntered up to greet me on the trail; I enjoyed the sunshine shimmering on the lake; and I appreciated the slight breeze that kept me cool on what was a warm Northwest day. Then today, I got so caught up in what I was doing right now that I forgot to attend a meeting I’d called with the Red Wheelbarrow Chicks! Ah well… No epiphany is perfect.

Whatever your now is bringing your way, I hope it’s full of imperfect joy like mine is.

Follow along as we head out on Tuesday. We’re going to the high desert to Run With the Horses. Should be fun.


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