This weekend I’ll be running in the Lake Padden Trail Classic half marathon. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but this year I became a “Half Fanatic.” Bill signed me up because earlier in the year I ran a couple of half marathons back to back during the time I was “resting” my plantar fasciitis. I’d promised myself to take it easier than I had last year when I incurred the injury in the first place and to stick to no more than half a marathon until I felt better (which I do now).

I’m glad Bill signed me up. The Half Fanatics are a lot of fun (and not quite as exhausted as their brothers and sisters, the Marathon Maniacs – of which I am also a member). I’d forgotten how much I love a half marathon. You get a dang hard workout, but you can still walk afterwards. It’s a win/win!

But this weekend’s run is more important for our community than the average half marathon. The proceeds from the Lake Padden Trail Classic will go to the Anna Brulotte Memorial. Anna was only two when she lost her life as her family was hit by a car while crossing a street in a well-marked crosswalk. I’m as guilty as all of you for being occasionally distracted by my phone, the radio, or something interesting on the side of the road, but I’ve been consciously working on turning over a new leaf since I met Anna’s mom in a running class several months ago.

“Remember Anna: Keep Your Eyes on the Road” is the motto for her memorial foundation. If you wish to donate to their efforts, here’s a link. At the very least, “like” the foundation on Facebook and commit to focusing on the road when you’re in the car.

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