I hope you all had a wonderful week. I turned 46 on Monday and my beloved gave me tickets to Beauty and the Beast (the Broadway version). What fun! The girl breaks the spell (just like in real life).

I don’t mind getting older because for me every year has been better than the last. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

This week in training has been easy because I’m running in the Kirkland Half Marathon this coming Sunday with the goal of maintaining a 10:00 per mile pace for the whole race, so I’ve been tapering. This will be my second attempt to do the half marathon distance in under 2:15. The last time I tried, I missed my mark, so this time my strategy is all about the mile by mile pace I need to maintain. Bill will be pacing me (I’ve given him a series of encouraging phrases to use when I’m struggling so he won’t just point out that I’m slowing down).

This week in training:

Sunday: A short, slow run.

Monday: Speed work. 25 minutes of ins and outs (running hard on the straight parts of the track, then slowing down for recovery for the curves) .

Tuesday: No running.

Wednesday: Pace work. We (in Carol’s program) ran six minutes at our intended pace, then rested for three minutes, repeating this three times.

Thursday: No running.

Friday: Walked three or so miles.

Saturday: No running.

Sunday: Race!

I’ll post a report whether or not I reach my finish goal of 2:11. Stay tuned. I’m excited to reach for this goal.

What are you running this weekend? I hope you have sunshine.


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