I’ve enjoyed this week of quasi tapering. After last Saturday’s 10K (and ALMOST reaching my goal), I was a little sore, but not so awfully bad. I took Sunday off and then proceeded through the week like it was a tapering week since I have a half marathon coming up tomorrow. I plan to shoot for under 2:15 as my target. I’ve never run a half marathon in under 2:15! In fact, my fastest half (according to Athlinks, which may not have all of my half results) was 2:19:41–in Leavenworth in 2008.

In order to hit my mark, my plan is to run 20 seconds slower per mile than what I was shooting for in my 10K last week. If I can hold a 10 minute mile, I should actually finish in 2:11, but I like the wiggle room for hills/wind/slowing down at an aid station. The truth is, if I can hold a 10 minute mile for even 10 miles, that will be huge for me.

So here’s what I did this week, nothing to write home about:

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: 3 slow miles.

Tuesday: 3 slow miles.

Wednesday: 3 slow miles

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: 4 slow miles with Fuji the Boston Terrier. Actually, Bill didn’t think I should run today at all, but I’ve been kind of stir crazy because of the dark skies and needed to be outside in the breeze.

Saturday: Honeywagon Half Marathon.

Next week and the week after I’ll be traveling, so running will be disrupted, but I still plan to get in a speed workout, a pace workout and a long run each week; they just may be flipped around for convenience.

How was your week in training? I’m curious about how other people manage tapering when you’re training for both shorter and longer races at the same time. I’m not so hard core that I won’t take a day off after running hard (for me) for a 10 K, but I’ll bet some of you are. I’d love to know how you handle resting between races.

Have a great weekend, and wish me a calm, dry day tomorrow!

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