Lots of busy days recently. I’ve been frantically at work on the anthology I’m co-editing with my friend Susan Tive. What a privilege it’s been to read the stories of women who have grappled with issues of faith and religion! But editing takes a lot of time and it seems the only other thing I’ve been able to fit in is running.

Running is a must during busy times. It brings me back to center and helps me set aside my “to do” list for a time. Today my list looks like this:

1. Edit piece number 1
2. Edit piece number 2
3. Contact someone about dog-sitting
4. Edit piece number 3
5. Run
6. Shower
7. Call grandma
8. Edit piece number 4
9. Do billing for counseling business
10. Write blog entry since you haven’t done so in almost a month

As you can see, I’m getting to number ten, but I’ve only gotten to one of the stories I needed to edit. Everything takes longer than you think it should. And I haven’t gotten out for my run yet today.

Even with all this busyness, though, I’ve faithfully been training for my next marathon. Bill and I will be doing the Estes Park Marathon in Colorado! And I can’t wait to get outside in the fresh (albeit thin) air and breathe. And breathe.

To all of you who find yourselves in busy or stressful times: Don’t forget to do what makes you calm and gives you clarity. Even in the hardest, darkest, or craziest moments, there is peace of mind available.

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