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If you sense you are powerful beyond the life you lead day in and day out, you’re right. And if you struggle to understand how to break through the rules and expectations and responsibilities that keep you small, you might be ready to reinvent yourself.

It’s totally possible. Let me show you how.

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Every experience changes us, offers a chance for us to become more of who we are meant to be.
10 for 10

10 for 10

The year 2020 has been really bizarre so far, right? Obviously, we as a collective are in the midst of some crazy shit… and some important challenges. And to a person, everyone I know is facing hard things individually—myself included.  Early on in the...

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R is also for Racism

R is also for Racism

This is the R post I really want to write. Friends, what a ridiculously intense time we have going on in our world right now. But what a crucial time this is, too. In addition to the pandemic (wear your masks when around people, buddies), we are working our way toward...

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