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If you sense you are powerful beyond the life you lead day in and day out, you’re right. And if you struggle to understand how to break through the rules and expectations and responsibilities that keep you small, you might be ready to reinvent yourself.

It’s totally possible. Let me show you how.

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Every experience changes us, offers a chance for us to become more of who we are meant to be.
Q is for Quarantine. What else?

Q is for Quarantine. What else?

I’ve never been in my house so much as I have been these past few weeks. I’m guessing that’s true for most of us.  I’m lucky because my work with writers is already largely online. I’ve pulled in closer still, seeing even my therapy clients over video. I’m...

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P is for Pandemonium

P is for Pandemonium

Oh friends, what a mess this coronavirus is. I happen to be in the epicenter of the epidemic here in Washington State. My therapy office isn’t far from the Kirkland facility where several patients died. At least one of my own clients has a relative in that Kirkland...

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