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If you sense you are powerful beyond the life you lead day in and day out, you’re right. And if you struggle to understand how to break through the rules and expectations and responsibilities that keep you small, you might be ready to reinvent yourself.

It’s totally possible. Let me show you how.

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Every experience changes us, offers a chance for us to become more of who we are meant to be.
The Yurt Platform

The Yurt Platform

Two of my brothers (Dane and Chad), a nephew (Chris), a niece (Madison), my dad, three friends, and I went out to B. Mountain to build the platform for my yurt last weekend. I'd told my brothers I thought we could get the platform built AND the yurt fully up inside of...

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Why Did She Leave the Institution? And Where Did She Go?

Why Did She Leave the Institution? And Where Did She Go?

Saturday, I took a little trip over to my property. I wanted to see if the county plowed the road and if the trailer was holding up under the snow. And I wanted to BE there, on that plot of land that feels like sanctuary to me. The older I get, it seems, the more...

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