I have just been given the honor of the Versatile Blogger Award! This award came to me compliments of Kari Ann (Runner Woman), who received her award compliments of Terzah (BQby40), whose blog I just discovered when I also discovered that Kari Ann had awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! What fun.

The way this award works, as I understand it, is that one graciously receives it by (a) thanking the blogger who awarded it, (b) revealing seven little-known things about oneself, and (c) awarding one’s 15 favorite blogs with the award, thus bequeathing the honor forward. A writer friend of mine describes this as a blogger Ponzi scheme, but I kinda like it!

So here goes:

A) A huge thanks to Kari Ann! I “met” Kari Ann when she wrote to me that she’d read my book and liked it. I followed up by checking out her blog and discovered that she’s a funny, insightful writer in addition to being a runner and a PhD student. I like strong women; they inspire me.  Hugs, Kari Ann. You’re awesome.

B) Seven things about me even my friends may not know are…

  • I recently colored my hair with a drugstore box color and it turned an unnatural red that makes me feel sad when I look in the mirror.
  • I’m a vegetarian. Well, I’m a pescatarian who sometimes eats poultry, although I’m trying to wean myself off of it.
  • The Dave Matthews Band is my favorite music, but they’re no good to run to, so I mostly have disco on my iPod.
  • My favorite red wine is Hyatt 2005 Merlot (which I can only find at the state liquor stores which Washington voters recently decided to put out of business by privatizing alcohol sales).
  • I had a triple major in my undergrad program at Western Washington University: English/Theater/Secondary Education.
  • I’m unlikely to qualify for the Women’s Olympic Marathon trials this year because premenopause is slowing my usually competitive pace (ahem, cough cough).
  • I just signed my second book contract to co-edit an anthology with my pal, Susan Tive (tentative title is Submitted: Women Finding and Leaving Extreme Religion).

C) In the past, I’ve frequently mentioned blogger friends Tele of Hooked, Carol of Fit School and Brandon of NobachingDown, so it goes without saying that they are among my 15 faves. In addition, I’d like mention the following:

  • The Fifi Organization by Jason Toews. Jason is a longtime friend of mine (we think we met in the third grade). His is truly a versatile blog! He writes about film, music, religion, and politics. He also takes photographs of abandoned mental institutions and other abandoned buildings. His writing is pithy, smart and funny. Check him out.
  • Emily of Emily a la blog is one of my favorite people. She is also a writer/runner/reader with a lot of heart. In the past few years, I’ve followed along as Emily and her family have processed her mother’s experience with an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. With heartbreaking beauty and depth, Emily makes space in her world for the messiness of life and inspires me to do the same.
  • Another Mother Runner is a pro-woman, pro-runner blog with oodles of information and encouragement.
  • Lynn’s Weigh. If you want to be encouraged, check Lynn out. She’s lost over 160 pounds and tells you how she maintains it.
  • Feministing.com is already famous, of course. But if you don’t know about this outspoken blog chock full of hot topics and hard core opinions, you should!
  • Belben’s Book Blog is written by my favorite librarian. She’s quick-witted and insightful. She doesn’t post as often as I’d like, but perhaps if she thinks everyone is hanging on her every recommendation, that may be remedied.
  • Wendy Welch in Big Stone Gap. Speaking of books, this author will publish her first book in Fall, 2012. How do I know? Because she’s my friend. But she’s also a used bookstore owner, a college professor, and a writer with a laugh-out-loud narrative voice. Follow her now so that when her book hits the the bestseller list, you can say you knew her when…
  • Brooke Warner of Warner Coachingputs out a monthly newsletter for writers. If you’re a blogger yourself, or a writer of any kind, you would be well advised to follow Brooke and take her advice!
  • Chronicles of Me and Mine. Aleta is a regular person with a regular life, but she’s fun to read and has plenty of tips for the rest of us regular folks trying to enjoy our regular lives. I like her.
  • Hope Clark is a writer who posts resources for other writers. I read her blog because she encourages me, and I find what I need to make my writing life just a little easier.
  • Sandra Beckwith’s buildbookbuz.com is another one of my favorite writer’s blogs. I follow faithfully because Sandra is teaching me how to market what I write. Like a lot of people, I love to write and I love what I write about, but I need a little support in figuring out how to reach people who will love it as much as I.
  • PeaceNick chronicles Nick and Becky’s kayaking tour through Chile. It’s gorgeous and fascinating.

So thanks again for the Versatile Blogger Award, Kari. I hope I’ve followed the rules. Through blogging we have the opportunity to create community among writers far and wide. I’m grateful to be a part of the greater blogosphere. Cheers.

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