I’m happy to report that after 3 days of massive doses of vitamin D and C and two days of progesterone, I’m slowly getting my energy back. This morning I ran Lake Padden twice and walked it a third time. I answered emails later in the day and attended a sister city-related meeting. Then Bill and I finished the day with a two-hour salsa dancing lesson. It’s good to feel a little umph returning.

Tomorrow I’m up early to co-facilitate the Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ Non-fiction Workshop on Proposal and Platform! There’s so many exciting things going on, but I think I’m starting to see why my adrenal glands have been working overtime. Since I haven’t been going to work full-time (at a job for someone else), I’ve filled my life with meaningful activities—writing, volunteering, workshops, friends, part-time therapy, running, dancing, blogging, etc.. It may be time to think through each commitment and pare down a bit.

For everyone who’s in the same situation (living a happy life full of delightful activities that have overloaded you), how do you whittle down? What qualifies for the cut?

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