photo-2Here we are. This is the millionth selfie the two of us have taken at airports during our 9 years of marriage. We always snap a pic just before we fly out of Seattle. And here we are again. Only this time we’re leaving for five months.

When Julie dropped us at the airport in Bellingham at 3:45 am, I burst into tears—the first time I’ve ever cried about leaving home. I do so love to travel, but this is a big trip.

Friends, you’ve made leaving for this long very bittersweet. Though we are excited about our adventure, I’m sadder than I can say to miss out on five months of running events, Write Outs, coffee times, happy hours, long walks, and short runs with you. Thanks for being in my life.

Jane and Fuji seemed to know something was afoot this morning as we dragged our luggage out to Julie’s car. They climbed in their crate as if to say, “Take us along!” And then they climbed out and climbed all over us with wiggles and kisses as if to say, “Don’t forget to come back.”

Our gratitude to Julie for taking our two canine creatures into her home. And gratitude to our new friend H for living in our home as if it is her own. H, we know you will love Bellingham and we know all the pieces to your puzzle will fall together.

Finally, thank you to Peter R. for inviting us into the Alaska Board Room Lounge at the Sea Tac Airport where we have been able to sip on excellent coffee while I write this blog post.

Off we go.

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