I don’t know about you, but occassionally I get myself into a familiar pickle. I get so excited about something that I jump on a bandwagon and sign up for that thing (whatever it is). Then the next week the same thing happens with another thing. Eventually, I’m flying in several different interesting directions, fascinated by all I’m doing, but a little tired.

Today I’m having an “inside day.” This is a day for not running, not grocery shopping, not meeting friends for happy hour, and not getting the air in my tires checked. It’s a day to sit inside with a little Boston Terrier and a Pug on the end of my sofa. It’s a day for the fire to roar and for the homemade Americanos to keep me toasty warm.

In the past few weeks I’ve participated in a 5K, facilitated an online course, co-organized a “Catch Your Second Wind” workshop, taken part in the GBRC trail running series, prepared for a Red Wheelbarrow Writers Workshop, written a grant for the sister city association, and worked out with the Fit School walking/running program twice a week (oh, plus, I’ve been writing and seeing clients). I love my life! It’s full of things I’m passionate about and interested in.

Still, an inside day with the dogs sure feels good for the soul!

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