Session two of the 6-Week Fit School Running/Walking Program is under my belt as of this morning. On Monday, Carol had us do a one-mile time trial. I came in at 9:33, and I seriously can’t see how anyone can run the mile any faster than that (though I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes).

Today we ran fast on the straight part of the track and slow on the curves for fifteen minutes. Then we did “the ladder”: One minute fast, one slow; two minutes fast, one slow – and so on. This was followed by some core work.

I cannot tell a lie. I hate core work and my core is, thusly, very weak. At a “kettlebell” workout (I think that’s what it’s called) I went to recently with a friend, the instructor told me that he could see my core was not strong, but reassured me that a weak core was normal for women who had given birth. When I told him I’d never had children he raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you sure?” Um… Yeah, I’m pretty sure.

So, since I’m in the throes of having to come up with goals for the Fit School Program, I’m thinking that strengthening my core should be on the list. The core is, after all, well… the center of your body where all your guts live and off of which your limbs grow. It’s important, the core.

Other goals include but are not limited to: improving running technique, stretching better, longer and more often, getting my workout over in the morning two days a week, making new friends and running stronger. Notice that running the mile faster is not on my list.

What are your fitness goals right now?

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