Every year Bill and I get tickets to attend the touring Banff Film Festival here in Bellingham. The 2012 event was just this last Tuesday. And as usual, it was an edge-of-your-seat blast.

We saw 10 films, starting with the Gimp Monkeys (a film about the first all-disabled ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan) and ending with Honnold 3.0 (young Alex up to his old tricks with a new twist).

I always come out of of the theater with a bit of a headache from holding my breath. I also come away inspired. Although I’ve got no desire to climb Half Dome without ropes or to build a bike ramp in my backyard, I can’t get over the guts and insanity of the athletes in these films, and I can’t help but want to be like them, if in some small way.

If you haven’t ever attended a showing of the world tour of award winning films from the Banff Film Festival, you should–seriously! You’ll walk away with a headache and feeling like a risk-averse couch potato, but it’ll be worth it.

Here’s where you can find the schedule.

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