2010 Antarctic 24-Hour Experience

As I’ve written before, we did not have permission to run a “race” or to organize an “event” on King George Island, Antarctica. These words, in addition to the word “marathon” are politically charged and send up red flags to the countries that govern the last continent. But an “experience” is fair game, right?



Within 24 hours on King George Island, the following distances were completed:

Alex Glazer,   4 miles (approx)

Kara Buckner,   4 miles (approx)

Yuri Laskin,   4 miles (approx)

Marina White,   26.2 miles

Bill Pech,   28 miles

Cami Ostman,   28 miles

We’d like to send our a special shout-out and thanks to our amazing, wonderful, kind guide and witness, Alejo Contreras Staeding. Thanks Alejo! You’re the best.

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