Happy Friday friends. This week in training wasn’t much to write home about. I’ve been under the weather all week. Last night, Bill pushed some Nyquil at me, and I had a dead-to-the-world sleep that “seems” to have made me feel better. I say “seems” because the pattern with this cold I have is that the mornings are okay and the afternoons and evenings are miserable. So, we’ll see.

Last week in my post, I mentioned the year I had plantar fasciits, and one reader (Hi Jivetalkinrunner) posted a comment asking me what I’d done about it. I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane with PF since I don’t have much to report in the way of good solid training this week.


I “caught” plantar fasciitis one day on a long trail run at Baker Lake while wearing new trail running shoes. While I’m sure the condition was really a result of cumulative factors, it was the day after that run that my heal caught fire. And six months (and two marathons) later, I couldn’t take a step without wincing. If you’ve had it, you know it’s a pain like no other. Here’s how I healed:

1. I used Nelson’s arnica cream on my foot and ankle daily to decrease inflammation.

2. I used the Rubz ball (see Brandon’s comment from last week for a link) and also a full frozen water bottle to massage the tissue. Do this several times a day—whenever you can.

3. For me wearing Chacos Sandals around the house and around town was a major key in healing. Chacos lift the arch of the foot up so the pressure of each step is distributed differently. I got a ton of daily relief this way and I really do swear they were a key to my healing, although I can’t prove it.

4. When I slept or sat watching TV (anytime my legs were outstretched in front of me), I stretched the foot by placing the healthy heal on the toes of the ailing foot and pulling them back to stretch the fascii. You can get a sock at your local independent running shoe store that will do the same thing.

5. I went to physical therapy and got ultrasound treatments.

6. Finally, I never ran more than 13 miles in one outing for six months. That was hard, but it helped.

So, Jive, that’s what I would add to Brandon’s advice (which is super solid). If you do all of those things, one day you’ll wake up, put your feet on the ground, and walk to the bathroom pain free. Be patient. Keep us posted.

As for my dismal training this week:

Last Saturday I had a great 13 mile run on the Windhorse course (don’t forget to register for the race everyone!). Eight (8) of the thirteen miles, I ran at or faster than my half marathon pace of 10 mins/mile, so it was a healthy pace run. And then everything went downhill.

Sunday: Walked about 4 miles watching Ski to Sea events.

Monday: Walked 2 miles.

Tuesday: Walked 1 mile and came home exhausted and sneezing.

Wednesday: Not feeling great, but I completed my pace work in Carol’s group.¬† We did “the ladder.” 2, 4, 6, 4, 2 minute intervals at the 10K pace with one minute recovery between each interval.

Thursday: Feeling worse, but got out for a 3-mile “mental health” run in the morning.

Friday: Nothin’. Layin’ low.

Saturday: I hope to be well enough to co-coach our first trail run. If you’re a woman in Whatcom County you should think about joining Carol and me for this new June series!

Have a good weekend. I hope you’re feeling better than I am.

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