Well, here I am again, supporting my sweetie in his third Boston Marathon. As I write, I’m sitting at a Starbucks sipping tea (Vanilla Rooibos), waiting to get on the train and head back to the Woodland Station where I hope to get a brief glimpse of Bill before he hits heartbreak hill.

There are a number of Bellingham runners I’ll be watching for besides Bill: John Schick, Paul Ricci, Sherry Gallant, Rick Nolan, and Ray (sorry to forget your last name at the moment, Ray).  Also, three cheers to Dave from North Carolina, whose girlfriend, Julie I met at Starbucks this morning!

Last time I was here I planted myself at the same spot where I’ll be today – between miles 16 and 17 – and watched everyone from the elite runners to the Teams in Training pass by, shouting until I was hoarse. Today promises to be just as thrilling. We’ve got about 50 degrees, sunshine and a cool wind.  A great day for a long run.

I told Bill he should stop and get a kiss from the Wesley Women who wait, puckering, near the halfway point, and that I’d be happy to offer a kiss to anyone who answers to my shouts of “Go Bill!” Seems fair to me. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll post the results here tomorrow. Those who are following can watch for Bill online. His number is 12619 and you can check in on him or other runners on the Boston Marathon website. I’ll also be tweeting throughout the day @Cami Ostman.

Thanks to all of you who are cheering at home.

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