This morning I did my third round of mile-repeats at the track (in service of Bill’s Challenge for me to run the first half of a marathon relay in 2 hours and 15 minutes). The goal was to do six under 10-minute miles, with a slower lap in between each. Here’s how it went down:

Mile 1: 9:48 – no problem, but I realize it’s too fast.

Mile 2: 9:58 – doing good.

Mile 3: 9:58 – still feeling good.

Mile 4: 10:01 – my muscles feel sore, I wish this could be my last mile.

Mile 5: 9:59 – I feel like I could throw up.

Mile 6: 10:06 – I still feel like I could throw up but I’m grateful to be done.

This is the first time I’ve ever trained this way, and it’s tough. I’m appreciating Bill’s process all these years! I’m grateful today for Carol’s running group (who was at the track while I was training) who kept cheering me on and asking me how many miles I had left to go. If they hadn’t been out there holding me accountable, I might have quit after #5 and skulked home without anyone being the wiser!

My next run will be the 8 mile-repeats on either Wednesday or Thursday (I’m waiting to see how sore I am tomorrow before I decide if I need an extra day of walking).

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