If you’re new to running and you’re planning a half marathon in your near future. Check out Disney’s half-marathon training program (this came to me courtesy of my pal, Leslie, who is training to do her first half marathon in Disney World in February). They’ve got you training for 22 weeks – almost six months. I think this is a great program if you’re starting from scratch. If you started NOW, you’d be ready for a half marathon in April or May.

And what should you eat while you’re training? This is a tough one. I subsribed to the “eat normally until after the race and then eat french fries” school of thought, but the truth is, I feel better when I stick to pretty lean protien and eat plenty of complex carbs during training. On race day, I like a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana. Water, of course, is crucial, and gel and sports drink are important during the race for me. But check out Marathontraining.com for some advice from those who know what they’re talking about. My pal Sharon (whom I’ll be joining for her first half marathon in Disneyland this January) asked me if I knew a good nutrion/eating plan for new runners. I don’t. But now I’m looking for one.

What do you have for us readers? What are your training programs? What are your nutrition tips?

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