Just a little personal note:

I usually reserve my blog here exclusively for running-related news and reflections, but I thought some of you might like to know what else I’m up to.

1. I have some new services up on my CamiOstman.net site. These include newsletters, group coaching opportunities and something I call the Main Event–an intensive 6-week personalized course for those who feel they need to catch their own midlife second wind (whether you’re a runner or not).

2. I’m also very excited to share that I’ve started blogging for the Psychology Today blogger team! Visit often and see what we’re up to there! The Psychology Today website is packed full of helpful and rich information/encouragement.

3. If you live near me (or if you can get here easily), you might enjoy a terrific one-day retreat I do with my friends Eileen Laughlin and Carol Frazey called Refresh Your Bliss. When you need to reevaluate your priorities and reboot your self-care mechanisms, this retreat is an excellent chance to get away and Refresh Your Bliss. Our next one will take place on May 19 (right after Mother’s day). Check out the details at refreshyourbliss.org!

I’m also still doing individual therapy in person or by phone (206.890.8694). Let me know if I can be a resource to you. And keep running!


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