Hi readers. I have a couple of announcements and one little tiny request. First of all, several people have received emails from Amazon.com saying that the “send” date for pre-ordered copies of my book has been moved up!!! It looks like they’ll go out on Oct. 22 and should arrive later that week. Keep me posted when this starts to happen. It’s very exciting.

Secondly, I’ll soon be blogging on a new site in addition to my own! I’ve been invited by Nancy Mills, founder of Spirited Woman Website, to join the Spirited Woman blogger team. My beat will be travel! Keep your eyes open for weekly blogs (and even more often once the book has been out for a few months).

Finally, I’m compiling a list of blogs and websites to follow and would love your input. If you have favorite blogs or sites you read on a regular basis on the following topics. Pass them on to me with the links. Here are the topics I’m looking for:

  • Running
  • Fitness
  • Personal growth
  • Women’s health/well being

Thanks, friends.


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