I don’t know about anyone else, but my feet take a beating because of my love of running. Before I ran long distances, I didn’t understand the value of supportive shoes or stretching. I’d never lost a toenail or worried if I needed to spend an evening in high heels. I didn’t properly appreciate my feet because I wasn’t on them all that often.

But now, they factor into all sorts of decisions. When I buy an outfit I want to wear for a special event, I start with my shoes and build up. If I’m going to spend a day walking around a fair or touring a city while I’m on vacation, I consider comfort and support before beauty. I’ve learned the hard way that the feet are the foundation for the body’s happiness.

Here’s how I take care of mine:

1. Nightly massages–courtesy of Bill. Sore muscles like to be soothed.

2. Stretching the plantar fascia–while watching TV at night and before getting up in the morning. This is to prevent plantar fasciitis, which hurts like hell.

3. Rolling on the Rubs ball–a great, cheap tool to further stretch the muscles.

4. The right shoes–I simply don’t wear cheap shoes that don’t have support. On the rare occasion I wear something flimsy for fashion’s sake, I insert Superfeet.

5. Pedicures–because while my feet are tough, there’s just no reason in the world they can’t be beautiful, too.

6. Pug love (see picture)–need I say more?

What about you? What are your tricks for keeping your feet happy?


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