This is a post especially for women local to me – in or near Bellingham, but I hope it serves as an encouragement to all of you who follow this blog, local or not (woman or not).

If you’ve wanted 2011 to be a year of health, a year of taking good care of yourself, body and mind, check out Carol Frazey’s six week Fit School for Women Walking/Running Program. ALL LEVELS are welcome, so if you can’t run because of injury or pain, put on your walking shoes instead; there’s no shame in walking. If you do run and simply want to improve your pace or form, this is for you, too!! I can wholeheartedly recommend Carol. She knows what she’s doing and she’s a supportive listener. Her program is only $97 for the whole six weeks (12 sessions) or $10 to drop in.

If you’re not a Bellinghamster, don’t fret. Almost every U.S. town has a good running club, a community involved running store or a local branch of USA Fit, the terrific national run/walking training program. I’ve heard from lots of readers who are training for a marathon or half-marathon this year. Look for a schedule that works for you and let’s get started!!

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