Catch Your Own Second Wind
with author, therapist and life-style coach, Cami Ostman, M.S. 

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Do you feel a call, deep inside of you, to make a change in your life? To live more fully with vibrancy, authenticity and verve? If so, maybe you’re hearing the call to catch a second wind. What is this call and where does it come from? More importantly, how do you answer it?

The Call can come from any number of directions or circumstances. It probably tip toes up to you noiselessly. Perhaps you are taken aback by an ordinary, expected life event that strikes you harder than you thought it would: you see your first gray hair, your youngest child graduates from college, or your ailing parent passes away. Or it could be that you’ve made a difficult but necessary decision such as to change careers or get a divorce. Still more startling is the Call when it takes you by surprise or is particularly tragic. Perhaps you lose your job or your spouse has an affair.

 Sometimes the Call comes gradually. You may have been bored with your life for a long time, or perhaps you’ve struggled with depression. Then one day, it quietly dawns on you that you’ve had it up to your eyebrows with the boredom/depression/anxiety—whatever is plaguing you.

 If you are connecting with the above description, perhaps it’s time to take action. Join author, therapist, life-style coach and back-of-the-pack runner Cami Ostman for a life-changing five-week online course! Cami’s book, Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents, chronicles how she changed her life, challenging long-held religious beliefs, healing from a broken marriage, and turning herself from an unlikely athlete into a slow but vivacious marathoner on every one of the world’s continents.

Cami now leads you through some of the behind-the-scenes exercises and goal-setting tasks she practiced in order to change her life and catch (and sustain) her second wind. This is an intensive 5-week online course during which you’ll receive her newly developed material meant to help you discover, define and

This course is for you if:

  • You have a childhood dream you still long to make come true
  • You’ve faced a crisis that has made you ask, “Who am I?”
  • You’re burned out from your job or your life
  • You daydream about doing something extraordinary but can’t seem to figure out how to pull it off
  • You’ve been struggling with a problem for longer than you care to say and you’re ready to get out of your rut
  • You are re-evaluating your past and deciding how to move forward

What you will experience:

  • Define your “second wind” dream, direction and/or goal
  • Understand what has held you back and how you can push through your personal barriers
  • Create a plan for building a support system
  • Become the author of your self-definition
  • Celebrate every victorious step in your re-definition process
  • Get ready to achieve your dream, move in your new direction or reach your goal 

How does it work:

  • Readings – Five Mondays in row, you’ll receive a “chapter” of Cami’s new book, Catching Your Own Second Wind.
  • Groundwork – You’ll also receive a series of exercises to work on for the week. Each exercise is designed to encourage, push, pull, and support you in embracing your authentic self and living out your dreams. When you complete your homework, you can send it to Cami and receive individualized, written feedback (comments and additional questions or exercises as applicable).
  • Three Group Support Calls – After weeks one, three and five, join Cami and up to five other participants on a conference call to receive group teachings, feedback and encouragement.
  • The Blog – Comment on to engage with others participating in the course.


  • When: Next group begins Monday, September 12, 2011 and runs until October 5 (Conference calls take place on Sept. 12 & 26 and Oct. 10)
  • Cost: $199
  • How to sign up:
    • 1. Send an email with your intent to participate to (include your name, email and phone number).
    • 2. Pay via Paypal by clicking HERE. When payment is received, you will get an introductory email from Cami.

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