Below is a list of the marathons discussed in the book.

EUROPE: In May, 2003 we ran the Prague Marathon in the Czech Republic.

AUSTRALIA: In August, 2007 we traveled to Australia and ran in the Mudgee Marathon, a race with only 31 marathon runners.

NORTH AMERICA: Bill has run over 50 marathons in the United States. I started marathoning on our home continent with the Whidbey Island Marathon in April, 2008.

CENTRAL AMERICA: Central America is not technically a continent, but we ran the Adidas Panama City International Marathon in August of 2008.

ASIA: In January, 2009, Bill and I ran the Tateyama Marathon in Japan. Tateyama is a sister city to Bellingham, the town we live in. People often ask which race was our favorite and we always say, “Tateyama!” Fans packed the streets to cheer us on.

AFRICA: Just a few short weeks later we did the Weskus Marathon in South Africa in March, 2009. This marathon runs through a national park on the West coast north of Cape Town.

SOUTH AMERICA: We completed the Rio de Janeiro Marathon in June, 2009.

What happened next?

ANTARCTICA: This one was a little trickier.  We thought we were on the list to run one put on by an East Coast tour company in the Spring of 2010, but we’ve were moved to the waiting list for 2011.  We decided to figure out how to do the distance on our own.

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