Relay Eve

Oct 27
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We’re at the Shilo Inn watching the World Series. It’s San Francisco 2, Detroit 0.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be beating four hours in our first relay marathon. Or we’ll be chalking the experience up to a little extra training and a lot of fun. Bill told me on the way here (which, by the way, was a five hour car ride in the POURING rain) that if I come in later than 2:15 he’s going to lallygag back to the finish line. Apparently, there’s no point in his running hard if we can’t hit our goal. I have to admit I’m shocked to hear him say so, not that I don’t completely understand. It’s just that Bill is usually Mr. Do Your Best and Leave It All Out There.

Maybe he doesn’t want to waste any post-race wine-tasting energy on the race itself if he won’t get to brag about it. I plan on bragging about it no matter how it turns out.

Anyway, give us a mental shout out if you think of it tomorrow morning. At the very least, I’m hoping to run my fastest half marathon since I was in my twenties. Notice I said “fastest” and not “best” since, as I always say, the best races are the ones in which you feel the happiest–and that has to with more than mere speed.

Cheers to you on your Sunday morning run, too, wherever/whatever it may be.

Bill’s New Challenge

Oct 10
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So, on the way home from my DNF on Sunday, Bill said (as if trying to console me), “I know what will make you feel better? I have a way to help you run a sub four hour marathon.”

“Here we go again,” I said. “How many times do we have to go over this, Bill?” But as I glanced at him, I saw he had a smirk on his face. So I waited.

“Just hear me out,” he replied, putting his hand up in the air the way he does when he wants me to be patient.

“Okay. Go,” I said taking a breath.

“Let’s do a relay. You can do one half of the race in 2:15 and I’ll do the other half in 1:45.” I could see he was please with himself for coming up with this idea. Not wanting to burst his bubble, I played along.

“2:15, huh? I could probably do that, though I haven’t run a half in that time since my 20s. What are the rules?” You never want to make a deal with Bill without hammering out the rules first. We spent the next half hour discussing the agreement. What would be our training to get ready? What happens if we do it (the reward/celebration)? What happens (and more importantly, what does NOT happen–sulking, verbally picking on each other) if we don’t pull it off?

In the end, we have an agreement! We’ll find a relay in the next few weeks, I’ve started my training (tell you about that tomorrow) and we know the rewards and consequences of great success and (what I like to call) imperfect success. What fun! This could be my first four-hour marathon. ;}

What’s your next challenge??



Love, Sweet Love

Jul 27
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Twenty-two years ago, I walked into Old Main at Western Washington University for a job interview. Bill offered me a job as a teacher’s assistant that day, and I enrolled in the class he required (and taught) for assistants in his program. I quickly became enamored with what a brilliant language teacher he was and learned more about leadership and educating others from Bill than anyone else–before or since. We worked together on and off until I moved out of Bellingham in 1999… but we weren’t in love.

Then ten years ago, during a very difficult time in my life, I phoned my old teacher, supervisor, and friend, Bill, to ask for a reference for a new job I was applying for. It was a life-changing phone call. We caught up over dinner at a Thai restaurant in Mt. Vernon, and in the new iteration of our relationship, we did fall in love. This week we celebrated 7 years of marriage!

Thank you to the love of my life for sharing dreams, adventure, and strength with me. And thanks for our annual whale-watching anniversary trip. It’s a tradition I cherish.

Whale-watching off of Friday Harbor


A rare Stellar Sea Lion sighting


Watching Minke whales on the other side of the boat