Week 19—One More 10K

Jun 7
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Well, this stupid cold is getting better. I’m still snotty, but my energy is coming back and the aches and pains are gone. Yay!

canadian-flagI forgot to mention last week that I’m giving my 10K goal (shooting for under 60 minutes!) another go this weekend. Sunday (June 9) I’ll be running the Sandcastle City Classic 10K Road Race in White Rock, BC. I’m excited about this. Although these last two weeks have been tainted by my cold, I’ve kept up the minimum training and I’m feeling positive.

Coach Carol and husband Bill are in agreement that I shouldn’t wear my Garmin OR my watch for this race. They both think that my watching my pace psyches me out, stresses me, and actually slows me down. Even though I suspect they might be right, at first I wouldn’t agree to leaving my Garmin behind because I still don’t really know the feel of my new paces yet, and I am afraid that I won’t know when to push harder (a 9:30 and a 9:40 both feel hard to me, so how will I know if I’ve slowed down?). But last week I made the decision to agree to leave my wrist naked during this upcoming run. I came back to something that’s anchored me since I started running: This is all about health, growth, and fun.

If I don’t make my one hour goal, there will be another chance. And another one after that. But if I’m stressed out while I’m trying to beat an hour, I lose that hour of my life to anxiety. Bill and Carol are right to urge me to listen to my body and try to get to know it without an outside measuring stick. We could all use a reminder now and again to do our best without judging our progress every step along the way, couldn’t we?

So here was my training this week, friends.

As I said, it’s been minimal as I’ve been blowing my nose and hacking up yuck (not to mention menstruating—when it rains it pours, sigh…):

Sunday: A slow walk. Still sick, but getting better.

Monday: Speed work. Carol had us doing “ins and outs” for 25 minutes after warming up.

Tuesday: A fast 3-mile walk with a friend.

Wednesday: Pace work. After warming up, we did 10 minutes at our 10K pace, recovered for 5 minutes, and then did another 10 minutes at the 10K pace.

Thursday: 4-miles. Great run in the sunshine.

Friday: 3-miles.

Saturday: Trail running with the Beginning Trail Running group I’m co-leading with Carol, and this week we’re running the Stimson Reserve trail. We’ll do two loops and it should be between 6 and 8 miles.

Stay tuned for a race report on Sunday or Monday.

What are you running this weekend? If you’re going to be at the 10K in White Rock, look for me and come say hey!

Half Marathon Goal—Here we go again!

May 10
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I hope you all had a wonderful week. I turned 46 on Monday and my beloved gave me tickets to Beauty and the Beast (the Broadway version). What fun! The girl breaks the spell (just like in real life).

I don’t mind getting older because for me every year has been better than the last. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

This week in training has been easy because I’m running in the Kirkland Half Marathon this coming Sunday with the goal of maintaining a 10:00 per mile pace for the whole race, so I’ve been tapering. This will be my second attempt to do the half marathon distance in under 2:15. The last time I tried, I missed my mark, so this time my strategy is all about the mile by mile pace I need to maintain. Bill will be pacing me (I’ve given him a series of encouraging phrases to use when I’m struggling so he won’t just point out that I’m slowing down).

This week in training:

Sunday: A short, slow run.

Monday: Speed work. 25 minutes of ins and outs (running hard on the straight parts of the track, then slowing down for recovery for the curves) .

Tuesday: No running.

Wednesday: Pace work. We (in Carol’s program) ran six minutes at our intended pace, then rested for three minutes, repeating this three times.

Thursday: No running.

Friday: Walked three or so miles.

Saturday: No running.

Sunday: Race!

I’ll post a report whether or not I reach my finish goal of 2:11. Stay tuned. I’m excited to reach for this goal.

What are you running this weekend? I hope you have sunshine.


Easy Week 7 While Resting Before Shooting for the Next Target

Mar 1
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I’ve enjoyed this week of quasi tapering. After last Saturday’s 10K (and ALMOST reaching my goal), I was a little sore, but not so awfully bad. I took Sunday off and then proceeded through the week like it was a tapering week since I have a half marathon coming up tomorrow. I plan to shoot for under 2:15 as my target. I’ve never run a half marathon in under 2:15! In fact, my fastest half (according to Athlinks, which may not have all of my half results) was 2:19:41–in Leavenworth in 2008.

In order to hit my mark, my plan is to run 20 seconds slower per mile than what I was shooting for in my 10K last week. If I can hold a 10 minute mile, I should actually finish in 2:11, but I like the wiggle room for hills/wind/slowing down at an aid station. The truth is, if I can hold a 10 minute mile for even 10 miles, that will be huge for me.

So here’s what I did this week, nothing to write home about:

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: 3 slow miles.

Tuesday: 3 slow miles.

Wednesday: 3 slow miles

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: 4 slow miles with Fuji the Boston Terrier. Actually, Bill didn’t think I should run today at all, but I’ve been kind of stir crazy because of the dark skies and needed to be outside in the breeze.

Saturday: Honeywagon Half Marathon.

Next week and the week after I’ll be traveling, so running will be disrupted, but I still plan to get in a speed workout, a pace workout and a long run each week; they just may be flipped around for convenience.

How was your week in training? I’m curious about how other people manage tapering when you’re training for both shorter and longer races at the same time. I’m not so hard core that I won’t take a day off after running hard (for me) for a 10 K, but I’ll bet some of you are. I’d love to know how you handle resting between races.

Have a great weekend, and wish me a calm, dry day tomorrow!

Week 6: Race Week!

Feb 22
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Well, tomorrow is the Smelt 10 K race! I’ve been working hard to shave some time off of my mile pace and (as you’ll see below), although this has been a week of low mileage, it’s also been an encouraging one.

Sunday: Bill and I joined Marathon Man, Trent Morrow on the Birch Bay Marathon course, and I ran 9.5 miles. It was fewer miles than I’d intended to fit in, but 6 of them were at or faster than my 10K pace of 9:39/mile. I was encouraged by this. Only one year ago I ran my one-mile trial at 9:33 and finished coughing and exhausted. So I’m pretty pleased to be able to keep up a similar pace now for 6 miles not much worse for the wear! Thank you to Carol and Bill (not necessarily in that order, but… sometimes).

Monday: Off. Nothing but lallygagging on a walk with the dogs.

Tuesday: Slow three-mile run.

Wednesday: Warm up run. One mile time trial. Cool down run/walk. I’m happy to report that I ran my FASTEST mile EVER during my mile trial this week. 8:27!!! I was excited because I never imagined getting faster in my mid-forties. It isn’t consistent with my family story, which is that people get sicker and slower as they get older. Looks like it doesn’t have to work that way. What a happy relief to see that I’m improving.

Thursday: Resting. Getting ready for the race on Saturday.

Friday: Resting. Drinking water. Getting ready for the race on Saturday.

Saturday: The Smelt Run 10K. This 10K is the first short-term goal toward shaving an hour off of my average marathon time. I’ve worked hard and, rain or sh… rain, I’ll do my best to beat one hour. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hope your running/training went well this week, friends. Keep up the good work.

Week 1 Training

Jan 18
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I’m just getting started on the training that will help me shave an hour off my marathon average. This is the first time I’ve ever trained to achieve a particular time target. As promised here’s what I did this week to move me forward toward the goal:

Sunday: 3 easy miles

Monday: Speed work. After a warm up, I joined The Fit School women for 25 minutes of running at my one-mile pace (8:50 at the moment) on the straight portions of the track while jogging slowly the corners. Then a cool down, drills, and stretching.

Tuesday: No running.

Wednesday: Pace work. After a warm up, I ran three miles at my 10K pace (9:30 per mile) with a two minute recovery between each mile. My first mile was 9:24; the second one was 9:31; the third mile was 9:36. I’ll do the same thing next Wednesday and try to hit 9:30 for each mile. Then I’ll take only a one-minute recovery time between each mile the following week.

Thursday: No running.

Friday (today): 5 easy miles on the Northshore Trail with Julie and my dog, Fuji (who had a run-in with a possum–ick!).

Saturday (tomorrow): Long run. I’ll do an 8-mile run as my distance builder (I took December off of training altogether, so I’m starting with low mileage).

I also try to do the “3-minute core” workout each day (though I’ll admit to slacking off this week). This consists of one minute of the plank, one minute of crunches, and one minute of pushups.

My first race goal: I’d like to do a 10K in under one hour. I’m shooting for doing that in the Smelt Run in La Conner on February 23. What’s your first race goal this year?