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Every experience changes us, offers a chance for us to become more of who we are meant to be.

Guest Post: Running and Friends by Barbara Clarke

In a guest post below, my writer friend, Barbara Clarke, recounts the beginning of her running career. One of the the best things that can come out of our efforts to keep ourselves out on the trail is our relationships with other runners. Do you run alone? Consider...

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I Run Because I Can by Kristi Lyn Reddy

This guest blog is written by Kristi Lyn Reddy. Kristi Lyn is one of my clients in The Narrative Project, a business I run helping writers get their books done. In a coaching session, I discovered she was a runner, and subsequently, we've had the chance to run a half...

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K is for K, as in 12K

My financial advisor’s corner office literally hovers above Seattle’s Lake Union. From where I sit, you can’t even tell there is a building holding up the room we’re in. A bald eagle soars past the window and then perches on a lamp post to the east. I wonder what it...

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J is for Julie

I got stopped writing through the alphabet because I knew what “J” was supposed to be, and I didn’t want to face it. I’ve started and stopped this post several times over the past few months. But finally, here I go.  My dear, dear friend and former neighbor,...

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I is for I Did It!

I is for I did it! I went to Chile earlier this month to run a marathon. And to reclaim something I left there a few years ago. Doesn’t matter how many 42.2K races I run. Every time is hard. Every time. In fact, I think marathons are harder for me now than ever...

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H is for Happy Happenstance

H is for Happy Happenstance As you may know, I’ve been on a quest to visit some of the sites around the world that purport to feature sacred feminine energy. Before I tell you what happened yesterday as related to the Black Madonna of Copacabana, Bolivia, let me give...

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